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You are welcome to read the book titled ELMAR ROJAS, by Lionel Méndez D'Avila, introductory study by Edward J. Sullivan; you will learn more about the artist and his background.

Texts and information on this website was based on this book.

Some of his awards

These are just a few of many international awards and honors for Elmar Rojas received around from the world.

MAAA World Prize

World’s 5 Best Artist, USA. 1991

Camilo Mori

International Award, lX Art Biennial, Valparaiso, Chile

“Cristobal Colón”

Great Iberoamerican Prize, Madrid, España 1984

Grand Prize

Mezoamerican Biennial, Contemporary Art Museum, Panamá

First Prize

National Watercolor Salon, Guatemala 1982

First Prize

Arte Paíz First Biennial. Guatemala 1978

Grand Painting

Prize, Art and Culture Festival, Antigua Guatemala

First Painting

Prize, Art and Culture Festival, Antigua Guatemala

Latin Prize

Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, uito, Ecuador

Grand Painting

Prize, Central American Contest, Guatemala 1969

Honorary Prize

Art Festival, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France

See the full list

Itzul El Andasolo

At Avenida Reforma

Art creation by Maestro Rojas, mostly made out of volcanic stone.

On the Plaza El Andasolo, Avenida Reforma and 16 Calle in Zone 10 of Guatemala City. The sculpture measures four meters high and five meters in length.

Itzul is a coati, inspired by one of the protagonists figure of La Mansion del Pajaro Serpiente literary work by the author Virgilio Rodriguez Macal .

The Andasolo impressed me as a child when read the book; Itzul, in essence, is solitary; is noble, does not harm, but does get harmed by others.
Elmar Rojas


El Tenedor

Located in the El Cerro Tenedor restaurant, Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala.



The Metropolitan Museum

New York City

This art work by Maestro Rojas, exhibited at THE MET in New York, is a work piece of 129.5 x 130 centimeters, in acrylic and metallic paints. 1995.

Visitar THE MET

The Artist's Expo

Mexico - 2012

Photo of the showroom of Arthis Gallery, exclusively featuring Master Elmar Rojas art-work.

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